WWE Raw Superstar – Big Show’s Road to the Big Show

His real name is Paul Wight, and he is one of WWE’s biggest Superstars-both literally and figuratively. Already in the sport for 15 years, The Big Show has carved his place among the WWE’s all time greatest.

The Big Show never had to toil through the independent wrestling circuit like many of his peers had to. No small, high school gyms for The Big Show.

After being introduced to Hulk Hogan in 1994, Wight reported to Larry Sharpe’s Monster Factory. A famous training school for professional wrestlers. After just seven months at the Monster Factory, Wight signed a contract with World Championship Wrestling (WCW). WCW at the time was one of the two biggest wrestling organizations on the planet. Wight would finish his training at the WCW Power Plant.

He made his debut in front of the cameras at the Great American Bash on June 18th, 1995. He was introduced the world as the son of Andre the Giant, blaming Hulk Hogan for the death of his father.

Known as The Giant, Wight would soon join the Dungeon of Doom, led by Kevin Sullivan. After many run-ins with Hulk, The Giant was able to get the WCW World Title off him in at Halloween Havoc ’95. However, the way he won the title was very controversial, so the title was later held up.

The Giant won his second WCW World Title by defeating Ric Flair. However, this reign would prove to be short lived as well. The NWO was forming under the leadership of Hulk Hogan. Hogan soon defeated The Giant for the WCW World Title.

Twenty three days later, The Giant would join the NWO himself. Later that year, The Giant would challenge his fellow NWO member Hulk Hogan to a title match. This led to him being thrown out of the group.

He was now fighting against the NWO with the likes of Sting and Lex Luger. In fact, he actually won the WCW World Tag Team Championships with Lex Luger twice during this time.

As 1997 began, The Giant began to feud with Kevin Nash. Nash actually injured The Giant’s neck with a botch Jackknife Powerbomb-Nash’s signature move. Nash split from the NWO and formed his own group, the NWO Wolfpac. At this time, The Giant re-joined the original NWO and continued his feud with Nash.

During his second NWO run, he won the tag team championship once with Sting and once with Scott Hall.

Soon however, the two NWO’s were merged back into one. Hulk Hogan declared that there was only room for one giant and ordered a match between The Giant and Kevin Nash. Nash won with some outside interference.

After this incident, The Giant would never be seen on WCW television again. His contract had expired and he was WWF bound.

Wight signed a 10-year contract with the WWF. He made is WWF debut in very dramatic fashion. At St. Valentine’s Day Massacre during the McMahon/Austin cage match, Wight tore through the canvas from underneath the ring. He also threw Austin into the side of the cage, breaking it completely, and sending Austin to the floor.

Wight would serve as McMahon’s bodyguard as a member of The Corporation.

He briefly performed as Paul “The Great” Wight. Then he was Paul “The Big Show” Wight. Then, just The Big Show. The Big Show has gone through many ups and downs in his storied WWE career. He’s gone through many storyline changes, but he has always been The Big Show.


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