Star Wars Collectibles Shopping List

Collecting Star wars toys, action figures, model sets and costumes are the signs of a real Star wars junkie. Anything that has Star wars on it if it is a book bag or bumper sticker rocks our world. This article will focus on some of the best kept shopping secrets when it comes to Star wars collectibles. It’s time to move ahead of what we only find in Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us.

Our first stop on our shopping list may not be a big secret to you. For some they may have never found this section of the web site. We are speaking about the official Star wars web site shop. The site is vast and covers many genres of Star wars toys. You’ll surely want to look here to fulfill those odds and ends in your seasonal Star wars shopping list. (Web site:

Movie prop replica creator Master Replicas is among our favorites for finding replica storm trooper blasters or rifles along with helmets of characters like Wedge Antilles. They also have helmets of Bobba Fett and Storm troopers. One problem with MR is that they recently announced that they will no longer renew their relationship and license with Lucas film. This means that in 2008 they will no longer be selling their Star wars collectible toys.

Best Kept Star wars Shopping Secret Award:

Our top pick goes to the maker of the mighty light saber or as this company calls them – the Parksaber. The owner of the company is Jeff Parks. He is simply the best light saber hilt maker alive. You can’t find anything better than what he makes. If you take a licensed version of light sabers from Lucas film and put it up against a Parksaber you’ll always prefer the Park’s version. Because of the nature of this toy, light saber, it makes our best kept Star Wars collectible secret.


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