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Feel the urge to start collecting some of the original G1 Transformers figures form the 80’s? There are many resources online that have a massive range of toys to choose from, but which ones are reliable? Even more, which ones actually have the toys you’re looking for?

Pros – eBay is one of the biggest websites in the world.
Without a doubt, eBay is where you will find the widest range of Transformers Toys, due to the massive range of people out there trying to sell them and make a buck. You can find literally just about any toy or single toy part if you look hard enough, many still in their original boxes.

Cons – Risk. Since you are dealing with a complete stranger and not necessarily a business, the goods may not measure up, being missing parts, or even be fake! Although most of the toys online are authentic, there’s a higher risk on eBay of disappointment.

Big Bad Toy Store –
Pros – Big Bad Toy Store is the biggest online retailer of collectible figures. They have a comprehensive categorised Transformers section perfect for tracking down a specific item. The G1 items have a description and rating for quality, so you know exactly what you are getting.

Cons – From a stand-alone perspective Big Bad Toy Store has no real set-backs. Comparatively, you won’t find as many items there as you would on Ebay.

TF Source –
Pros – TF Source is entirely dedicated to stocking Transformers, they have an excellent, categorised range and is similar in many ways to Big Bad Toy Store, but with an emphasis on Transformers only.

Cons – Like the above, the only con is a comparatively range to Ebay, TF Source s run very well with quality products.

Transformer Land –
Pros – This store is massively categorised and has an excellent range, with sometime multiples of certain items in stock. Transformerland is an excellent place to find parts to toys (missing guns etc). This site is run by fans, and has the same attention to detail that any die-hard fan or toy collector would want in a collecting site.

Cons – Transformerland doesn’t update as frequently as the above sites, although the range is impressive updates may take a bit longer to find ther way to the site.
Pros – A decent range by multiple sellers, Crave is a site similar to eBay but focused directly on Transformers. There is an online community to interact with and help you to find what you’re looking for.

Cons – Once again, since you’re dealing with an individual and not an established business, a dodgy dealer could be in the lurks and send you poor quality goods. Although the word out is more positive than negative, it is a risk.

Pros – The biggest and most trusted online retailer in the world has some G1 toys available for purchase. They offer a secure transaction with goods usually being in tip top shape.

Cons – As they are the biggest online retailer in the world, their prices aren’t exactly rock bottom, and sometimes you can get stung by freight costs. Ordering form the US will usually get a decent rate, but since most toys are shipped from the US, ordering from overseas can be expensive on freight.

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